Yann Lecun
Facebook - NYU

Taavi Kotka
Estonian Government

Olivier Bousquet

Alexandre Zeller
Crédit suisse

Solange Ghernaouti
University of Lausanne

Inès Leonarduzzi
Digital For The Planet

Costas Bekas
IBM Research

Joachim Son-Forget
French Parliament

Gene Kogan

Monica Bello

Josh Lyons
Human Rights Watch

Patrick Barbey

Antoine Laurent
SOS Méditerranée

Ed Bugnion

Diego Kuonen
University of Geneva

Silvia Quarteroni

Samira Marquis
Makers Id

Frédéric Dreyer

Florian Ducommun

Mark Changizi

Raquel Blanc
Philip Morris International

Silvia Hernandez
Ernst & Young

Ferruccio Lagutaine

Jihoon Rim

Florian Schefer

Serge Kassibrakis

Thierry Weber

Alexis Georgacopoulos

Howard Yu

Yves Burki

Our Moderator

Jeffrey Rogers

Attend the first Empowerment Foundation summit

This event brings together world-renowned experts on Artificial Intelligence.
You will be able to meet experts who fully grasp issues related to the exponential development of these technologies.
A multidisciplinary approach is essential to the understanding of societal and economic changes already in progress due to Artificial Intelligence.

Get first hand information from key players who are already making this revolution to understand how AI is impacting your industry.

Themes covered

AI and Humanitarian issues

How will AI impact and benefit humanitarian causes ?

AI and Education

How can AI and Education work together to reduce inequality?

AI and Industry 4.0

Does AI mean destruction or creation for Industry?


Understanding AI through thematic workshops.

Conference Programme

Jérôme Berthier - Member at Empowerment Foundation
Leila Delarive - Founder at Empowerment Foundation
Patrick Barbey - Director at Etat de Vaud
Alexis Georgacopoulos - Director at ECAL

Olivier Bousquet, Head of Machine Learning at Google Research Europe

Costas BekasMgr. Foundations of Cognitive Solutions at IBM Research

Josh Lyons, Director of Geospatial Analysis at Human Rights Watch

Antoine Laurent, Former Operations Manager at SOS Méditerranée

Taavi Kotka, Former CIO of the Estonian Government

Edouard Bugnion, Vice president for Information Systems at EPFL and co-founder of VMware

Diego Kuonen, Professor of Data Science at University of Geneva

Solange Ghernaouti, Professor and expert in Cyber Security and Cyber Defence at University of Lausanne

Mónica Bello, Head of Arts at Cern

Gene Kogan, Artist and a programmer

Yann Lecun, VP and Chief AI Scientist at Facebook and
Silver Professor at NYU

Alexandre Zeller, Chairman of the Board of Directors at Crédit Suisse
Jihoon Rim, Executive Advisor, former CEO at Kakao
Ferruccio Lagutaine, COO at ELCA
Silvia Hernandez, Future of Work Now Leader in GSA, Partner at Ernst & Young
Raquel Blanc, Vice President Corporate Communications & Crisis Management at PMI

Silvia Quarteroni - AI Expert at ELCA

Fredric Dreyer - Director at OPI
Samira Marquis - Founder at Makers id

Inès Leornaduzzi - CEO at Digital For The Planet and Plana Product Owner

Florian Ducommun - Partner at Attorney-at-Law

Thierry Weber - CEO at Vivactis Switzerland
Yves Burki - Head of AI at ELCA

Serge Kassibrakis - Head of the Quantitative Asset Management department at SwissQuote
Florian Schefer - Founder, Managing Partner and Member of the Board at Finstoy

Miroslaw Lemiszka , Manager, Advisory Services at Ernst & Young

Joachim Son-Forget - Founder and co-President at Global Variations
Mark Changizi - Director of Human Cognition at 2AI

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Venue location


ECAL – 5 avenue du temple

1020 Renens



8h30 – 19h00